Phytosanitary Certificate
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Phytosanitary Certificate


As per your demand, I can apply for Phyto for your package if needed.
Keep in mind, that Phyto is not mandatory, if you live in EU, but it is usually a good idea to get it, if you reside outside of Europe.
I work with the Central Institute for Supervising and Testing in Agriculture to issue my Phytos. Some countries require that you, the importer, also issue an Import Permit or some other additional paperwork. This is different for every country and is up to your responsibility as a customer to research this, as I can not be responsible for any custom issues due to the lack of required paperwork from your side.

You can order Phyto from me, no matter the size of your order.
It usually takes around 2 weeks for the Certificate to be validated. This will postpone shipment by about the same time.